Tymarelian Tales

The Dark Crystal: Return to Hampstead

Season 1 - Episode 3: Return to Hampstead

The Dark Crystal
Season 1 – Episode 3: Return to Hampstead

Mission: Two months “break” to restock and explore characters

LeGay Leoric – Human Wizard. Bastard-born son of King Aiden Leoric.
Alora Pajora – Human Cleric of Pelor. Acolyte Knight Hospitalier, on her first mission.
Trystan Alard – Half Elf Elementalist. Guide. Woke up in Hampstead with no memory.
Dante – Human Swordmage. Rising member of the mercenary guild: “The Guardians”
Niri – Gnome Bard. Escaped capture from evil mage. Experimented on.
Stehpen – Human Assassin. Royal assassin. On a mission to track down and kill his old master.
Elric Bloodstone: Human Cleric of Moraddin. Erathel noble. Member of the “Order of the Anvil of Light”


  • Party leaves Stormfall and heads for the ruins of Hampstead
  • Party encounters bandit scouting party
    • Bandit scouts defeated
      • Acquire bandit signet ring
        • Works like 1-way radio
  • Party heads into village ruins
    • Rubble has been moved
    • Signs of looting
    • Undead seem to be gone
  • Party encounters Ser Tylos the Bandit-Knight
    • Eldritch Archers
      • Magical bows that fire arcane energy
  • Party kills Ser Tylos
    • Ser Tylos the Bandit Knight:
      • “You will never stop the Dark Father, Crystal Bearer!”
  • Party captures bandit
    • Suicide
  • Party attempts to capture Eldritch Archer
    • Runs to fire.
    • Suicide
  • Party splits
    • Party 1: LeGay, Dante, Stephen
      • Return to Stormfall
    • Party 2: Alora, Trystan, Niri
      • Stay in Hampstead to await reinforcements
  • Party 1
    • Gain audience with King
      • King grants men and builders to reclaim Hampstead
      • Stephen is reassigned
      • Elric Bloodstone is assigned to party
      • King tells LeGay that the country is now at war with Khard
        • Order of the Anvil of Light called to action
        • LeGay questions current mission
          • King says stay on mission
    • Party leaves for Hampstead
  • Party 2
    • Waiting for Party 1 to come back with reinforcements
    • Ambushed by bandit scouting party
      • More return to base
      • Niri knocked unconscious
      • Alora knocked unconscious. Coup de Grace (DIES!!)
      • Trystan knocked unconscious
  • Party 1
    • Returns to find dead bandits and corpse of Alora
    • Begin tracking attackers
    • Several days later, stumble onto a ruined keep


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