Tymarelian Tales

The Dark Crystal: Once More Into The Rift

Season 1 - Episode 4: Once More Into The Rift

The Dark Crystal
Season 1 – Episode 4: Once More Into The Rift

Mission: Search ruined keep for sign of captured allies

LeGay Leoric – Human Wizard. Bastard-born son of King Aiden Leoric.
Trystan Alard – Half Elf Elementalist. Guide. Woke up in Hampstead with no memory.
Dante – Human Swordmage. Rising member of the mercenary guild: “The Guardians”
Niri – Gnome Bard. Escaped capture from evil mage. Experimented on.
Elric Bloodstone: Human Cleric of Moraddin. Erathel noble. Member of the “Order of the Anvil of Light”
→ Noname – Elf Ranger. Sylvan Ranger in search of missing elven researcher Faize Eldaryn.
→ Inara – Elf Ranger. Sylvan Ranger in search of missing elven researcher Faize Eldaryn.
Ashe Raider – Human Warlord. Captive of the Cult since childhood.


  • Party descends into the ruin keep
  • Party encounters goblins guards
    • Goblins guards defeated
  • Party follow sounds of screaming
    • Party finds allies caged
    • Party finds an elf being tortured
    • Goblin torturer defeated
  • Party questions the elves
    • Sylvan Rangers explain:
      • Missing ley line researcher: Faize Eldaryn
      • Camp destroyed by bandits
      • Tracked here
      • Captured
    • Sylvan Rangers leave
  • Trystan is no longer in possession of the Crystal Shard
  • Party begins clearing the ruined keep
  • Party find letters and signatures from “Kalarel”
  • Party continues clearing the ruined keep
  • Party finds temple to Bahamut in suprisingly good condition
    • Party finds the final resting place of Ser Keegan an ex-commander of the Rift Watch
      • Ser Keegan comes to life
      • Party convinces Ser Keegan of their good intent
      • LeGay demands an explanation of the knight’s failure
        • Ser Keegan’s Story:
          • Driven mad by the power of the Scar
          • Killed many of his own men
          • Eventually put down
          • Keep falls
        • LeGay blames the knight’s weakness for the fall of the Rift Watch
      • Ser Keegan gives his sword Aecris to LeGay as an apology
    • Party leaves Ser Keegan’s tomb, LeGay stays
      • LeGay accepts the knight’s apology
        • LeGay vows to set the knight’s spirit free once they finish the mission
        • Ser Keegan gives LeGay his paladin armor
  • Party holds dragon statues and forms a circle around Elric
  • Elric dons the armor, holds the sword and begins praying to Bahamut
  • Holy Light shines down then fades
    • Sword and Armor have been fixed, and gleam with radiant power
  • Party descends deeper into the keep
  • Party successfully navigates traps
  • Party find a room with a woman being tortured and used for a ritual
    • Party kills priest performing the rites
    • Niri is overwhelmed by undead (DIES!!)
    • Party frees Ashe Raider
      • Ashe Raider’s story:
        • Captured by the cult as a child
        • Raised by cult
        • Attempted to escape
        • Captured
  • Party descends to lowest level of the ruined keep
  • Ritual Room
    • 4 bodies lie on table
      • Life essence being syphoned into a ritual circle
    • Kalarel casting ritual
    • Gaping black portal opening to summon forth an ancient god
  • Party defeats Kalarel and minions
    • Kalarel:
      • “You will find no comfort in the shade of the Shadow’s throne”
  • LeGay intercepts the life energy, taking it into him and focusing it
  • LeGay passes the energy into Trystan for added control
    • Energy turns from a blue/white to a bright black
  • LeGay/Trystan attempt to use the energy to close the portal
    • Engery hits the portal
    • Energy begins flowing backwards towards LeGay/Trystan
    • Backwards energy reaches LeGay’s sword, Aecris
      • Diamond on the blade shatters
  • Elric uses shield to summon an earthquake to destroy the arch holding the portal
  • Party recovers crystal shard
  • Party returns to Stormfall
  • Party walks into King Leoric’s war chamber
    • Party is angrily thrown out
  • LeGay leaves angrily
    • Mounts a horse and rides out of the capital before anyone can follow him


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