Tymarelian Tales

The Dark Crystal: Mid-Season Break

Season 1 - Episode 2: Mid-Season Break

The Dark Crystal
Season 1 – Episode 2

Mission: Two months “break” to restock and explore characters

LeGay Leoric – Human Wizard. Bastard-born son of King Aiden Leoric.
Alora Pajora – Human Cleric of Pelor. Acolyte Knight Hospitalier, on her first mission.
Trystan Alard – Half Elf Elementalist. Guide. Woke up in Hampstead with no memory.
Dante – Human Swordmage. Rising member of the mercenary guild: “The Guardians”
Niri – Gnome Bard. Escaped capture from evil mage. Experimented on.


LeGay Leoric:

  • Apologizes to King for losing party member
  • Feels worthless
  • Dedicated to find a replacement and never lose another party member
    • Finds Niri

Trystan Alard:

  • Build magical coffer for crystal
  • Studies crystal
    • Research:
      • semi-sentient
      • swirling runes
      • dark visions when near it
        • blue fire, burning villages, slaughtered people


  • Returns to Hall of the Guardian’s
  • Inducted as a member of the secret group of Arcane Sentinels
  • Shown a secret magically protected map fragment
    • hundreds of years old
  • Researches crystal
    • Finds prophecy:
      • “A Stone awakens. A Child born of flame. Nations fall, as Shadows rise”

Alora Pajora:

  • Returns to Hampstead to fulfil her duties to St. Lucien
  • Ambushed by bandits
    • Bearing symbol enhance with arcane rune
  • Refuses demands
    • Flees, losing men
  • Returns to King
    • Requests permission to lead forces to rout the bandits
    • Describes symbol to King
      • Symbol belongs to a sect of a cult believed dead for hundreds of years


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