Tymarelian Tales

The Dark Crystal: The Dark Crystal

Season 1 - Episode 1: The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal
Season 1 – Episode 1: The Dark Crystal

Mission: Find out why Hampstead has gone silent

LeGay Leoric – Human Wizard. Bastard-born son of King Aiden Leoric.
Lipitor Dudeman – Elf Druid. Caravan owner, seller of magical beasts.
Alora Pajora – Human Cleric of Pelor. Acolyte Knight Hospitalier, on her first mission.
Trystan Alard – Half Elf Elementalist. Guide. Woke up in Hampstead with no memory.
Dante – Human Swordmage. Rising member of the mercenary guild: “The Guardians”


  • Party meets Nathaniel in neighboring town and given details:
    • No caravans have come from Hampstead in a few weeks
    • No parties that have been sent to investigate have come back
    • None of the King’s soldiers have come back
  • Party is given a list of possible locations to investigate:
    • Cristoph Tyren’s tower:
      • Local mage
      • Friend of Trystan
      • Arcane researcher
    • Temple of St. Lucien
      • Abbot is a man of faith with ties all over the city
      • Everyone in the city prays at the temple
  • Party heads out to Hampstead
    • City is abandoned and in ruins
    • Undead walk the streets and ravage any living flesh they might find
  • Party quietly makes their way to Cristoph Tyren’s tower
    • Tower is abandoned
    • Upper level is almost entirely destroyed
    • Bits of blood and carcass everywhere, arcane scarring
    • Research device is located
      • Contains voice data for something Cristoph was checking into
      • Erupts in loud booming voice
      • Scratchy audio description:
        • Farmer Darien found an odd crystal in his field
        • Came to Abbot, having horrible nightmares
        • Nightmares get worse
        • Abbot comes to Cristoph for help
  • Undead attack
    • Lipitor is thrown from the second floor and swarmed by undead fiends (DIES!!)
    • Undead are defeated
  • Party continues quietly to the Temple of St. Lucien
    • Inside temple is covered in gore and has been desecrated
    • Party assumes townfolk took refuge inside, and begin to explore
    • Find trapdoor leading to cellar
      • Several intact human corpses
      • Robed corpse sitting in a prayer position in front of an alter with a pulsing purple crystal
  • Dante takes crystal
    • Overbearing sense of dread
    • Nauseous
    • Corpses come to life
  • Party defeat corpses, head upstairs
  • Party attempts to leave
    • Sees growing zombie horde approaching temple
    • Begin to barricade the temple from inside
  • Waves of zombies assail the temple
    • Alora begins cleaning and praying to statue of St. Lucien for protection
    • Undead break down door
      • Undead Liptor attacks
    • Trystan touches crystal
      • seizure, unconscious
  • Party defeats undead
  • Party continues to Darien’s farm house
  • Party attacked by the enraged spirit of Darien’s slain daughter
  • Party attempts to leave the village
    • Chased by Darien and horde of undead
  • Party defeats Darien
  • Return to Stormfall


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